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About Live from Ludwig Rankings
This site attempts an objective ratings system for Division I college soccer based solely on the final score line of each game played between two Division I opponents and the location at which it is played. A recursive algorithm is used to solve for the number of goals a team would score and concede on average against a theoretically average Division I squad on a neutral field. There is some extra weighting given to recent results. This methodology is substantially imperfect, as it ignores changes in lineups, injuries, styles of play, and better predictors of future results (like shots and possession, for example), but these are largely due to limiting circumstances surrounding the availability of such data. This methodology also struggles with outlier results (although, with an update, less than it used to). Nonetheless, I stand by it as the best objective dataset available.

Thanks to @octonion, game data now stetches back to 2002 (his data actually goes back one year prior, but there are no game dates... ideas are surely welcome on this front). There are definitely errors, so if you happen to come across any, please let me know.

Ken Pomeroy did give me his blessing, and deserves credit for inspiring what's been done here.

Comments, criticisms, corrections, and miscellaneous contact are welcome at cajuncook at the common Google mail service.

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